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I am committed to developing meaningful and long-lasting relationships with our clients, see what’s being said about our services, or, share your CreateLeap experience here!

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Paul McVeigh

Shane’s methods are world-class, different & more exciting than anything I’ve done before. He has helped to mould me as a more determined, resilient person, ready to overcome any obstacles that cross my path in the future!

“After every session, I always felt the better for speaking to Shane. He has a great outlook and is a superb coach. Shane has an ability to tune in, unravel your key issues, values & priorities and gave me a different perspective and greater clarity to undoubtedly get the most out of every session.

I started working with Shane a year into Covid, which was uncharted territory for everyone. Having 2 restaurants that were closed for indoor dining due to Covid, we remained operational. Due to massive changes, I had to change my role completely so that the business could continue operating. We had to pivot as a business so many times to ensure we remained relevant and profitable.

I was getting frustrated with my lack of progress as a business owner, strategizing for the future & I needed some guidance to help remove me from the daily grind & plan for a future where I would be working on the business rather than in it.

Shane set up a bespoke coaching plan that thoroughly analysed my role & our businesses, this was a very humbling exercise as it stripped everything back, and made me look within to see where we were striving & what needed our focus.

We analysed both businesses & were able to hone in on the infrastructure of the business & what needed attention. A plan & strategy was put in place as to how I could make improvements.

I have learned so much from the experience of working with Shane. My perspective is now a confident & more resilient one, rather than apprehensive. Having come through a tumultuous 2 years as a business director, I am now a different person & not only am I excited about the future & I am taking it into my own hands and continuing to work with Shane.”

Paul McVeigh
Director Top Up Hospitality Group

paul mcveigh

Modern Office

We engaged the services CreateLeap to help us on our journey to go from the day-to-day running of our business into a leadership role to coach our people to effectively run the business. The transition from working in the business to on the business takes a concerted effort and requires a range of strategies and skills which we needed to learn to help us make this shift. We met with Shane on a regular basis and he quickly understood our position and provided us with the skills and strategies to use within the business. We felt during the process we made a fundamental shift from being reactive to being proactive and coaching our team to allow them to take a lead in the business. Our employees are now more engaged and are enjoying the challenge of taking the lead in their roles and driving the business forward.

Adam Hazlett, Managing Director, Modern Office

Golf 360 Business

Shane has helped me immensely with my business and life in general. His coaching style and questions have been thought-provoking and have helped me to make a significant change. As a result, I am now working 50% less in my business and when I am there, I am doing what I enjoy and utilising my skills to provide best value. Outside of the business I now have more time to spend with family which has been rewarding.

The biggest shift for me occurred when Shane helped me to get really clear on what needs to change with me and my business to reach future aspirations. It has been great to have a sounding board and someone that I am accountable to. I am excited to continue working with Shane and highly recommend him to any business owner wanting to change their life.

Scott Pickett – Managing Director, Golf 360

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Scott Pickett PGA Professional

Shane has helped me immensely with my golf performance. I was doing the same thing and expecting a different result and was frustrated with the outcome.

Shane helped me to discover a new process to clear my mind and get in a state that is conducive to peak performance. Through Shane’s work I am less concerned about the outcome and yet the outcome is significantly improved and now have greater belief and enjoyment. I highly recommend Shane if you want to work on getting the mind in the right state and experience better golf and performance.

Scott Pickett – PGA Professional

Kale Print

I have found CreateLeap High-Performing Coaching and Consulting support to be invaluable as General Manager for a printing company. The sessions were tailored to suit personal areas of growth such as managing teams and effective leadership. We defined future aspirations for the business, which is now my work in progress. Shane has significant experience and expertise with coaching teams and individuals and this shined through our sessions. I highly recommend Shane to help you achieve your goals.

Peter Lloyd – General Manager, Kale Print


Tetra Tech Coffey – Engineering Consultants

CreateLeap provided unique training in leadership over several sessions in 2020 and 2021. Although I have a Masters in Business Administration, I really gained knowledge on how to learn and how to help others learn during this training. CreateLeap’s approach was to tailor the training to our needs. It started with CreateLeap understanding our baseline knowledge, asking about our needs, our desired outcomes, and where we want to end up with the training. Each session had numerous ‘aha moments’ when new insight or perspectives were gained. Some were confronting, while other ideas set us on a new path of discovery. I highly recommend CreateLeap for an eye-opening adventure in growth.

David Sullivan, Tauranga Leader, Coffey – a Tetra Tech Company, 2021

Stratus Blue

I was asked last year what sort of professional development I felt I would benefit from. At the time I wasn’t sure, I’ve been around the block a few times and held leadership positions throughout the 30 years of my career so far. I’ve been on countless training sessions, some good, some less so; and I’ve worked with many awesome people and learned a lot. I’ve also failed plenty, and learned a lot from that as well. So what more was there to learn that would be of benefit to me and the company I work for. Well, after having the good fortune to meet Shane McConigly, it turns out a hell of a lot

Working with Shane is fantastically challenging in a really good way. He doesn’t say much to start with, he asks interesting questions and really listens to what you are saying in response. He then follows what you’ve said with a further challenging but relevant question. What I love is that he doesn’t have a set playbook that he follows rigorously regardless of what business you work in or who you are as a person. There isn’t a list of sterile questions or a patented formula that is a ‘one size fits all’ blueprint to success. Sure, he has a structure and a framework from which everything hangs but he’s able to adapt to his audience and use whatever is relevant to get to the heart of what that individual or team or business actually needs. He knows what he’s talking about. His patience is phenomenal, he listens when required and takes action when appropriate.

We’ve worked with Shane for the past 4 months and he has been a fantastic support in an exciting time of growth for our company. He’s facilitated sessions with the management team, empowering us to communicate more clearly and drive the business forward by focussing on what really matters. He does this through coaching, not through telling. He’s worked with us to tease out our purpose as an organisation by helping us strip back the layers of ambiguity that have built up over time and reconnecting with the true foundations of our business. This is only the start and with Shane’s support we’re looking forward to a very successful future.

Mike Bell – General Manager, Stratus Blue


Bright Yellow

Shane from CreateLeap guided me to reframe my success both in my personal life and in business endeavours. In only a short period of time, I shifted my current challenges into future-proof processes that started me down a path of renewal and inspiration. The energy and clarity that I now embody is evident and has made a massive difference. I went from a start-up to forging a path of stability and have grown my business extensively to where I choose the work I want to do. My business is now a successful and stable enterprise that helps improve the health of the planet – the impact I always envisaged.

Vivian Pachoud – Managing Director, Bright Yellow

RV Mega Adventures

Shane has been fantastic in helping my business prioritise what really matters and what will really make a difference. From strategic plans, values sessions, managers to leaders coaching, Shane makes his programs relevant to your business circumstances and your business strengthens with the right focus achieving tangible results. Shane made his program personable to my business to maximise my business potential in an easy and understandable manner. It has helped my leadership style and business direction improving all aspects of my business.

Richard Olsen – Managing Director, RV Mega


Tauranga Plasterers

Shane was a breath of fresh air for our business. In all honesty, there was a little trepidation from the team of builders turned managers when I suggested that we have Shane in to work on strategies for greater communication, team and business performance. Initially, many were cautious of having to sit in small groups, have deep conversations, discuss actual everyday situations and more appropriate ways to create and enhance communication between the team and the employees. However, during the process I could see the change in my managers. They were engaged and willing to implement the ideas they had learned after each session. Shane was always willing to adapt his sessions to fit the mood and level of the team each time rather than try to push a fixed agenda. It was a pleasure to work with Shane and I look forward to having him work on other strategic areas within the business and enrich the skills of our team.

Stuart Phelps – Managing Director, Tauranga Plasterers



Shane taught me how to change from normal me into superman me

Callum Aitken

Having worked with Shane I can highly recommend Createleap for those looking to improve their performance

Colm Moriarity

Shane has a unique way of empowering confidence and unlocking peoples potential and at Full Circle this has resulted in an overall willingness in the team to develop the company as a whole and creates an exciting competitive edge for our company

Brian Rickey
crystal kaua

‘Shane is what’s required in today’s world; a coach that thinks differently, can see hidden problems through multiple lenses and creates growth.
His only intention is to help me move through my own thinking and get better outcomes. Shane helped me navigate through the politics of high performance in a creative and out-of-the-box way that drives alignment and positive relationships. I’m now more artful in my leadership and communication. Being curious in difficult situations is where I have grown the most, and that has helped to grow the people around me. Do not contact Shane if you do not want the truth and growth!’

Crystal Kaua– Chiefs Manawa Head Rugby Coach , NZ Women’s 7’s Coach