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Coaching Elite Athletes and Coaches

  • Mental Skills Performance Coaching for Athletes
  • Leadership Coaching for Coaches
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Mental Skills Performance and Leadership Coaching

What We Do:

We coach and support individual elite athletes, whole sport teams, and head sport coaches to reach and sustain their highest level of
performance throughout their journey towards success.

Our Coaching is centered around:

  • Individuals and whole team to be their best mentally-performing selves that play to their potential to perform under pressure (when it matters most)
  • Have a Player led leadership group that is needed for the team to be successful
  • World-Class coaching group that gets everyone to be their best
  • A healthy team environment of belonging and performance

Mental Skills for Athletes

Whether you are an individual wanting a Performance Coach to improve your performance or you are a team that wants to improve your collective performance, we work with both to help you have the winning mindset, tools, and skills in key pillars of mental skills and performance psychology.


Our main purpose is for you to be at your mental best, so you play to your potential consistently and perform under pressure when it matters most.


Our main objective is to custom design with you, for you to have a World-Class mindset, tools and techniques that enable you to perform and win.


  • Learn stress mitigation strategies and have the tools that enable you to perform under pressure.
  • A customized plan to measure your growth in key mental performance areas.
  • Habits that make you successful.
  • A sounding board and trusted confidant.
  • Coaching to create the neurological shift to change limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs that enhance your performance.
  • Foster the skills of leadership to lead yourself better, lead your team better, and have an impact in your community.
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Leadership Coaching for Coaches

We see Head Coaches and Performers and Leaders. We help you create a plan for your own development and work with you to improve what you need to, to be World-Class.


Our purpose is to support the Head Coach to perform and be better in areas of greatest strengths and areas of greatest leverage for you and the team to be successful.


Our main objective is to assist the Head Coach to lead better and foster a healthy environment for everyone to perform.


  • Foster a rich environment that balances performance and belonging.
  • Influence the leaders to lead successfully.
  • Customized plan and coaching in areas of leadership that will support your own growth.
  • Sounding board and trusted confidant.

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