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Established in 2019 and founded by Shane McConigly, a leader, innovator coach and public speaker. Over the years, Create Leap has brought countless businesses into the modern age, guiding them through change, leading them to success.

Shane & Rob offer a wide range of services, ranging from personal professional development to public speaking and training for employee groups. Discover true success, Contact Create Leap Today!


Our mission is to inspire you to develop and grow, through an experience that has lasting benefits and allows you to reach your full potential to shape your own future.


We strive to be leading figures in the personal and professional development sector and to spread the knowledge of living a successful and happy life.


We're a team of personal, business and performance coaching specialists. We'd love to help with all your coaching needs. We offer a range of personal and business development courses in New Zealand.

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Shane McConigly

Shane is the founder and director of CreateLeap.

He is globally certified as an Executive Coach in the two world-leading leadership development coaching programs accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Intelligent Leadership Coaching® (ILC®) and Stakeholder-Centered Coaching® (SCC®) are the Worlds premier coaching programs and the #1 Coaching Program for Executives and Emerging Leaders.

I am excited to provide the opportunity to support and ‘coach exceptional leaders, coaches and athletes to be better.’ The performers I coach are:

  • Executive Leaders & Emerging Leaders
  • Elite Sports Coaches & Athletes

The role I am asked to provide varies and is customised for every leader, coach and athlete’s needs:

  • Evidence-based results-driven World class accredited Leadership Coaching for Executives and Emerging Leaders (ILC®and SCC®) measures leaders’ growth.
  • Strengthen alignment and improve relationships and performance within a Leadership team and across an organisation
  • Team Leadership and Organisational Development
  • Performance Coaching for athletes to perform optimally under stress and pressure
  • Career Growth, Behavioural Change, strengthening blind spots, improving leadership competencies
  • and the role of a Trusted Confidante for Executives, Emerging Leaders and Elite Sport Coaches

That is the role I play; to support your growth to become better. What excites me most is when a leader, coach or athlete wants to achieve something, we uncover what makes it remarkable, and I get to support their journey to do so.

My mission is to support you to realise your vision.

Shane provides a rare combination of consulting, executive coaching and performance coaching skills to enable business leaders and sports coaches to shape and influence healthy environments, facilitate growth and improve performance.

Working across a variety of industries, Shane combines leading-edge solutions to improve performance used in elite professional sport and business. Integrating tools from both spheres have transformed athletic performance, strengthen culture, and grow leaders, coaches and athletes and improve their organisation’s results.


Rod Corban

Dr Rod Corban is one of New Zealand’s elite performance psychologists.

Rod is currently and has been the catalyst to improve the performances of many of the world’s elite athletes that compete on the world stage. Many have learned and applied the special attributes that lead to the greatest of successes, when high-performance is needed the most and when pressure is at its greatest.

A diverse range of athletes from Olympic champions, the NZ rowing World cup winners, Paralympic champions, and Silver Fern World Cup winners have all benefited from the tools that engineer superior performance.

Rod draws on the latest research in human performance, neuroscience and blends this with the extensive years of experience lecturing in NZ and UK universities in Organisational Psychology. This unique combination underpins the attributes needed to support and transform cultural change, leadership, and individual performance into a healthier and more successful organisation.

Rod’s vast range of knowledge and experience combines with CreateLeap to design and deliver a proven methodology to create and sustain cultural transformations, leadership and mental well-being programmes for people in the business arena to master and sustain high-performance that flows through to improve productivity, impact and growth.


It's exactly what I've been looking for. We have no regrets! Create Leap is exactly what our business has been lacking.

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