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Coaching Executive Leaders and Elite Performers

Shane McConigly is a Globally Certified Executive Coach in the two World Leading Accredited Leadership Programs

  • Executive Coach to Executive and Emerging Leaders Worldwide
  • Performance Coach to Elite Athletes and Head Coaches
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The Programmes

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Executive Coaching for Executives and Emerging Leaders

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Performance Coaching for Elite Athletes

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Leadership Coaching for Head Sport Coaches

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Emerging Leaders Innovation Program for Organisations

My mission is for you to experience your true potential and support you to realise your vision.

A high-level overview of what clients request:

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A Sounding board and Trusted Confidante to partner together and work through emerging challenges that Leaders and Head Coaches face

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Emerging Leaders that are earmarked for higher Leadership positions, obtain them and do great things for the organisation

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A World-Leading, Globally Accredited, results-driven Executive Coaching Program that measurably improves your growth as a leader

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Improved skill and confidence to perform to your ability under stress and pressure that elite athletes and leaders face

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Enable Emerging leaders’ capability to fuel innovation and drive positive, sustained organisational improvement

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Have the habits, behaviours and skills of exceptional leaders and elite athletes to achieve what’s remarkable for you



We provide you with the opportunity to be the best you can be

Leading Brands Benefiting from Stakeholder-Centered and Intelligent Leadership Accredited Leadership Coaching


My Coaching is about you, your growth and for you to get results.

What excites me is when an individual wants to uncover something about themselves that can make them remarkable, be it something that’s not going quite right or how an exceptional leader wants to be even better, I get to support their journey to realise that

Our work together is foundationally based on you being a Healthy, Happy Human, and integrating this into a unique coaching experience for you to be exceptional in your field and ultimately inspire others to do the same.

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Tailored Executive
Coaching for You

    Perfect for Business, Sport and Individuals.

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